Pertussis (whooping cough) is a highly contagious, vaccine preventable, respiratory disease that is caused by the Bordetella pertussis bacterium.

It can affect people of all ages, and can cause serious and life-threatening complications. Young unimmunised infants are the most vulnerable group with the highest rates of complication and death.The number of cases of pertussis has increased dramatically during 2024, with over 1190 laboratory confirmed cases being reported in Northern Ireland (NI) since the beginning of the year (compared to zero during 2023).

In response to the sharp increase of pertussis cases and notifications locally the PHA will present an information session, followed by questions and answers, to raise awareness of pertussis among primary care professionals.

This session will cover the epidemiology of pertussis, the public health actions/response and pertussis vaccination.

GPNI Pertussis Update