Age-Related Inequalities & COVID-19 (02:28)

Dr Sarah Donnelly, Co-Director of Professional Masters in Social Work and Assistant Professor in Social Work, School of Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice, UCD. 

Start time – 02:28

Poverty, Covid-19 & Community Wealth Building (20:15)
Mary McManus, East Belfast Independent Advice Centre
Start time – 20:15
Tackling COVID-19: Travellers rights through equality, justice & human rights (36:05)

Ann Friel, Health Care Coordinator & Assistant Project Manager, Donegal Travellers Project 

Start time – 36:05

The COVID-10 pandemic,inequality and mental health (57:47)

Gavin Davidson, Professor of Social Care & Claire McCartan, Research Fellow, School of sciences, Education and Social Work QUB

start time – 57:47

Support for Patients experiencing financial difficulties (1:14:40)

Margaret McCloskey, Partnership Manager NI, Money Guidance Advice & Support

start time – 1:14:40

Deep End GP Professor (1:24:15)

Nigel Hart, Associate Director for General Practice and Primary Care, Centre for Medical Education | Queen’s University Belfast & Dan Butler, GP Academic Research GP

Start time – 1:24:15

Inclusion Health NI

In September 2020, an Inclusion Health Research Group was established at Queen’s University Belfast.  They have been building relationships with those interested in this work in Northern Ireland and wish to create a learning platform to engage a wider audience both in Northern Ireland and further afield.  For more information, and to view their seminar series video recordings, click on the link below. This is open to all health care professionals.

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Social Inequalities & COVID-19


Support for Patients experiencing financial difficulties

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Poverty, Covid-19 & Community Wealth Building

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NHS as an Anchor

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COVID Inequality and Mental Health GP Seminar

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Age-Related Inequalities & COVID-19

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