Boundaries Series by Dr Stephen Harte

GPNI was delighted to host a three part ‘First 5 GP’ series on ‘Boundaries’ hosted by the excellent Dr Stephen Harte, GP and Executive Coach as part of our Wellness workstream.

For those that missed the series Dr Harte has kindly recorded a bitesize version of each talk with some take home messages applicable to GPs and Primary care team members at any stage of their careers.

Limitations, I can’t do everything!

Dr Stephen Harte, GP and Executive Coach, considers how to find peace about the fact that we can’t do everything we’d like for everyone we meet.

Interpersonal Boundaries in the GP team

Dr Stephen Harte, GP and Executive Coach, explores how to deepen understanding of our interactions with colleagues in the workplace, by addressing some common problems with boundaries.

Assertiveness in General Practice – GPNI

Dr Stephen Harte shares some thoughts on how to develop appropriate assertiveness in General Practice and beyond.