We will be joined by key figures from the NICSP to deliver this update. Topics covered include
– Primary Human Papilloma Virus Testing
– Recent developments in cervical cancer and screening
– Changes to NI Screening policies & procedures
– Update from the laboratory and colposcopy
– Call / Recall processes
– Sample taker performance audit
– Screening for those who have experienced trauma

**Completion of both sessions is required to achieve a certificate of training completion.**

Cervical Sample Update Training - Part 1

Dr Tracy Owen, PHA: Updates to Cervical Screening Programme &  Primary HPV

Andrew Faulkner, BSO: Call / Recall & Ceasing Process

Jackie Jamieson, NHSCT: Laboratory Processes, Pathology of CIN & Role of HPV

Cervical Sample Update Training - Part 2

Dr Gary Dorman: Colposcopy & Q&A

Charlotte Priddle, Jo’s Trust: Making screening more accessible

Dr Tracy Owen, PHA: Horizon Scanning

Information | Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust 

Cervical Screening When You Have a Learning Disability | Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust

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GPNI Cervical Smear Taker's Update