GP Careers

  • Are you new to working as a GP in Northern Ireland?
  • Have you recently changed role to become a sessional GP?
  • Perhaps you are due to, or have recently qualified as a GP and are about to start your career

There is now a GP Career website for NI, hosting a range of resources that you may find useful wherever you are in your GP journey.


A database is being created to facilitate improved communication between practices and GPs seeking work in a given locality. This is solely for the purposes of contacting sessional doctors regarding GMS locum work within the specific Federation areas that they have indicated. Sign up is voluntary and the list will be managed by centrally through the Federation Support Unit. Information will be shared at regular intervals throughout the year and Practices and GPs can unsubscribe at any time. Practices will need to ensure they use the most recent version of these lists to be compliant with GDPR. 

Practice sign up link Sessional sign up link

GP Retention Scheme

Are you a sessional GP needing more stability around the sessions you work? The GP Retention Scheme (formerly the GP Retainer Scheme) can be a useful “stepping stone” between a sessional role and a permanent salaried or partnership role. It provides regular sessions in the same practice giving structure to the working week and the opportunity to be more involved in the practice team.

What do GP Retainers and Practices say about the scheme?

“The Scheme benefits practices by providing an extra doctor, who is there usually for 2-3 years helping alleviate some of the pressure “

“I would definitely recommend the retainer scheme; I moved from retainer to principal in the same practice and it was a great stepping stone from locum; the educational programme was excellent.”

“I found the application process very straight forward and thankfully as I was a locum I had a few practices I knew well to approach. I found it beneficial to meet up with peers to discuss how we were getting on. The educational meetings were excellent, and in more recent times it was very handy to attend at home! Overall a great scheme and I honestly enjoyed these years so much!”

 Key facts:

  1. The GP chooses the practice, and by mutual agreement they schedule 4 sessions per week.
  2. Places on the scheme are for up to three years.
  3. GPs on the scheme have a funded CPD programme ( 6 sessions per year in protected time)
  4. GPs on the scheme have an identified Mentor in the practice.
  5. The GP has an OOH commitment of  1 session per month.
  6. There is flexibility to take on additional GP workboth “in” and “out of hours”.

The current scheme is open to applications. 

For more information, contact

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GP Federations

All Gp Practices in NI belong to a local Federation, of which there are 17 in total. The individual Federations are supported by 4 Support Units (FSUs).They provide

  1. Local contact. Each Federation has a Chair who can assist if you are new to a locality.To find out more email
  2. Education open to all GP teams. There is an educational lead in each Federation. They plan and deliver Practic Based Learning (PBL)in each locality on several dates each year. Contact
  3. Federation jobs. Contact


BMA provide a range of resource for GPs


  1. Support for newly qualified GPs (ppt already on page)
  2. Contract guidance –


As a sessional GP you need to register with the HSC Pension Service. To ask for the relevant registration forms and submit your “returns” email

Computer Systems

In NI the majority of practices are either EMIS WEB or VISION.A number of practices are also using Accurx to assist with consulting remotely. Out of Hours services and Covid centres use Adastra. Below are links to some training resources for these systems

  4. VISION TRAINING (when registering use the word NIMDTA instead of practice code and postcode



NIMDTA provide support and career guidance for GPs including information on mentoring, GP retention and Induction and Refresher schemes


  1. GP Mentoring scheme
  2. GP retention scheme(a scheme lasting for up to 3 years that allows 4 sessions per week in daytime practice and provides many of the benefits of a salaried role with protected time for CPD and mentoring)
  3. GP Induction and Fefresher scheme (if you have not been working in NHS GP practice for 2 years+)
  4. GP appraisal process
  5. Becoming a GP Trainer

INDUCTION CHECKLIST (not exhaustive)

 car park/access to building/fire exits/security/work email/panic button
 document check – GMC/indemnity/NIPMPL/Hep B (if possible)

Computer system
 login passwords for GP system/CCG/NIECR
 prescribing – repeat and acute prescribing overview
 ordering lab tests
 non CCG referrals, including radiology
 Triage including booking appointments and arranging home visits
 CCG referrals

Treatment room
 current service available and booking appointments
 Emergency trolley/anaphylaxis kit
 Vaccine supplies

Prescribing support
 Meet practice pharmacist and understand their current role
 Access to BNF/BNFC either via downloading app or online at
 Access to Microguide app or NI antimicrobial guidance online