Message from EMIS Group Training

From the online resource EMIS Now, my colleague Pauline and I have pulled together what we feel would be the most useful resources for GP Returners at this time.

For most these videos should capture the essentials to get you started

Once you are working within the practice (in surgery or remotely)  if any of you are struggling with any of the EMISweb functions Pauline or Wendy would be happy to do a short one to one session with them via bomgar (remote access provided by BSO available in all GP surgeries in NI.) Your Practice Manager could arrange this by emailing them

Wendy McGookin –

Pauline Davey –

EMISweb Online Resources

EMIS Now is an online resource for users of EMIS products. In Northern Ireland, many GP practices use EMIS Web.  LV & PCS are no longer being used and have been replaced with EMIS Web.

We have put together a list of hyperlinks below which will take you straight to pertinent information that we feel will be useful for you at this time. The majority of hyperlinks below are reading material with step by step instructions and screenshots for common tasks that GPs will need to use, such as finding patients, adding consultations etc, but you will also notice at the top of the list there are 3 videos. These are relatively short sessions that will be a very good starting point as either a refresher for those who have used EMIS web in the past or a good starting point for new users.  We would recommend watching the videos first and then supplementing with the step by step instructions if necessary afterwards.

To access further online resources for EMIS Web, browse to:

On the EMIS Web Resource page you will see an area to search for specific information

Tip: When adding words into the search box, do not hit enter(return) to browse as you normally would, instead – type the words you are looking for and then wait, the search will begin without you having to press enter, you will see suggestions appearing which you can click on to see the content. Doing a search in this way will mean you do not have to create an account to access the information you require.

A good search to use is ‘help for new starters’