This pilot project is about providing GP practices with the tools and some guidance to enable them to engage with their key stakeholders in their own localities and to help patients understand the pressures on GPs and how best to access appointments.

Local communication and engagement is key to developing public understanding about the levels of demand on GP services.

As part of this pilot, communications and writing guides will be produced for:

  • Website messaging
  • Phone messaging
  • Social media content
  • Engagement with local representatives
  • Engagement with local press
  • Engagement with local community groups


With a more extensive set of tools, GP practices will be able to:

  • Better communicate with patients across all channels
  • Engage on a local level with patients, community groups, local politicians and media
  • Promote and encourage better understanding amongst stakeholders about  the work of GPs
  • Promote and encourage better understanding about how to access health services.

Training topics:

  1. The basics of messaging and using the right channels
  2. The importance of identifying, engaging and keeping your stakeholders informed
  3. How to set up social media channels (for practices that don’t have any)
    • How to use your social channels and website to engage your audience
    • Communicating with hard to reach audiences (minority groups, deaf patients, homeless etc)