The Help Kids Talk basic awareness training – Dates in May and June 2021

You may have seen recent press coverage on the negative impact of the pandemic on Childrens speech and language development, we would like to share information on free awareness training from ‘Helping Kids Talk’

The Help Kids Talk basic awareness training is suitable for all early years staff and serves as a good basis and also as a refresher on speech, language and communication development.

The training describes the link between infant mental health and speech, language and communication.

We use the 5 to thrive building blocks from Kate Cairns (KCA) training.

The webinar has been designed by the SEHSCT speech and language department and linked to sure start SAL training (regionally) through the Child Care Partnership.

We know through prevalence studies carried out in the SEHSCT that a significant number of children are starting primary school with a mild to severe speech and language problem.

Our aim is to ensure the 12 key messages of our project are shared as widely as possible to create support around each child that needs it.

Follow the Help Kids Talk Facebook/Instagram/Twitter pages for links to the 12 key messages, simple messages/strategies for parents to use with their children.