You may be aware of a recent announcement by the UK Government
about the use of new antiviral treatments across the four UK nations within the Panoramic Clinical Trial to treat certain patient cohorts in the
community with confirmed COVID-19.

This is a priority study for the UK which is supported by the four Chief
Medical Officers; the support of primary care contractors in Northern
Ireland is vital to ensure patients most likely to benefit from COVID-19
antivirals can gain access to them.

On the back of this announcement, you may be contacted by patients
looking for further information. We would very much appreciate your help with signposting eligible patients to the trial.

PANORAMIC has been designed as a ‘platform clinical trial’, meaning it
can rapidly evaluate several antiviral treatments over time that could help clinically vulnerable people with COVID-19 recover sooner, prevent the need for hospital admission and so ease the burden on the Health
Service. The UK Antiviral Taskforce has selected all treatments to be
tested. The first treatment to be investigated through the trial will be
molnupiravir (brand name, Lagevrio), a COVID antiviral already licensed
by the MHRA. Antiviral treatments have been developed that have so far
been tested in smaller studies in mostly unvaccinated people. This study
aims to assess the effectiveness of antivirals in a now largely vaccinated

The Panoramic trial will offer antiviral treatments for eligible patients with confirmed COVID-19 in the UK. Trial participants will receive oral
treatment at home, delivered directly from a central pharmacy
commissioned as part of the clinical trial.

Who is eligible to take part in the trial?
Panoramic will prioritise those at greater risk of being severely ill if they
test positive for COVID-19.

To be eligible, patients must:

    • Be unwell with symptoms of COVID-19 that started in the last 5 days
    • Have received a positive PCR test for COVID-19
    • Be aged 50 years and above OR 18-49 years old with an underlying medical condition that can increase chance of having severe COVID-19
    • Live anywhere across all four UK nations

The health conditions that make people eligible for the national study include:

  • Chronic respiratory disease (including chronic obstructive pulmonary
    disease (COPD), cystic fibrosis and asthma requiring at least daily use of preventative and/or reliever medication)
  • Chronic heart or vascular disease
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Chronic liver disease
  • Chronic neurological disease (including dementia, stroke, epilepsy)
  • Severe and profound learning disability
  • Down’s syndrome
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Immunosuppression: primary (e.g., inherited immune disorders resulting from genetic mutations, usually present at birth and diagnosed in childhood) or secondary due to disease or treatment (e.g. sickle cell, HIV, cancer, chemotherapy)
  • Solid organ, bone marrow, or stem cell transplant recipients
  • Morbid obesity (BMI >35)
  • Severe mental illness
  • Care home resident
  • Considered by recruiting clinician to be clinically vulnerable.

How can patients take part in Panoramic?
Patients who meet the criteria can sign up themselves through this
website –
Informed, consented patients will be randomised to one of two arms:

1. usual care or

2. usual care and to be in receipt of a new antiviral treatment to take
twice daily for 5 days.

All participants will be required to complete a daily diary for 28 days
through the PANORAMIC website or receive a phone call on days 7, 14,
and 28 to speak about their symptoms. This data will help the NHS to
develop plans on how to best make molnupiravir available in the future to patients who would benefit most from this treatment.

GP Practice Involvement
If you would like to speak to a member of the trial team, please
Freephone: 0808 156 0017, Email address:

Information for GP Practices interested in getting involved in recruiting
participants to the study will be shared in due course through the Primary Care group of the Northern Ireland Clinical Research Network.
It is important to note that antivirals will not be available to prescribe
in primary care either via NHS nor privately outside the clinical trial.