Further to the Department of Health Circular HSS(MD) 46 -2022 (issued of the 23rd September 2022) – Guidance on the revised arrangements for the certification and registration of deaths and stillbirths and the cremation process.
SPPG would take the opportunity to remind Practices of the requirement to send MCCDs electronically to the GRO on all occasions as per the process outlined below.
• The MCCD should be completed as soon as possible after death occurs and must be sent electronically to the GRO via e-mail to: GRO-pandemic@finance-ni.gov.uk
• A copy of the MCCD can be given to the family/next of kin although there is no legal requirement to do so.
• On receipt of the MCCD, the GRO will contact the family/next of kin to complete the registration process.
• General Practitioners are asked to continue to complete MCCDs electronically as they have done throughout the pandemic, and send them via e-mail to: GRO-