Welcome to our seventh Links edition! Our Trust and GP forum continues to meet on a fortnightly basis and has helped foster strong alliances across health and social care in primary and secondary care. 

A real tangible example of what our enhanced partnership working can yield is the Primary Care Covid Centre where over the last 24 months 17,500 referrals were managed and 

90% of those patients seen by a GP and 77% of those assessed were during almost 8000 clinic hours, before completing this role in March 2022. A special thanks to Dr Ursula Brennan who led on establishing this service in Beech Hall Well Being and Treatment Centre in a very short timeframe and a thank you to everyone across Primary Care and the Trust who helped make it happen. This bulletin provides details on the forthcoming Trust/ GP portal and highlights ways of seeking advice on Specialist Palliative Care, Gynaecology and Dermatology. 

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Links newsletter April 22