COVID-19 certificates can be used to demonstrate an individual’s vaccine status and may be required as a condition of entry to specified venues. While the majority of individuals are able to safely receive COVID-19 vaccination, there are a very small number of individuals
who have conditions which mean that vaccination may not be possible or in their best interests. These individuals, who are medically exempt from vaccination, need an alternative method of gaining COVID-19 certification so that they are not unfairly penalised by the COVID-19 certification process. It is expected that the number of individuals who are genuinely medically exempt from COVID-19 vaccination will be very low.In Northern Ireland, individuals who have been advised that they should not have the COVID-19 vaccine or who believe they are exempt due to a specific health condition, will be able to apply for recognition of medical exemption via the existing Covid Certification Service (CCS). Applicants will answer a series of questions to determine possible eligibility for medical exemption. Only applicants indicating that they meet the criteria for medical exemption will proceed to the next stage of the process.

Applicants who meet the initial eligibility criteria will sent an application form. Applicants will be asked to indicate the name and hospital/GP practice of the clinician who advised them that they should not have the COVID-19 vaccine, or who manages their ‘exemption condition’. This application form then needs to be reviewed by the indicated clinician who should confirm or refute that there is evidence that the person should be exempt fromCOVID-19 vaccination. A list of conditions which may afford exemption is given below, however it should be noted that this is not exhaustive and clinical judgement is key.

Clinician guidance - Medical Exemptions

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