COVID-19 treatments remain available from the HSC Trust-based Outpatient COVID-19 Treatment services (OCTs) for those groups of patients likely to be at highest risk of deterioration, hospitalisation or death from a COVID infection.

The website to report a COVID-19 rapid lateral flow test is changing. The UK Health

Security Agency (UKHSA) digital platform for reporting test results online and the 119 telephone line to report test results will no longer be available to Northern Ireland residents from 2 January 2024.

From 2 January 2024 at 9am, a new digital reporting platform will be available in Northern Ireland to allow continued online reporting of COVID-19 rapid lateral flow test results and continued digital identification of those patients eligible to receive COVID-19 treatments. This mechanism to identify patients eligible for COVID-19 treatments will continue to work alongside GP and GP Out-of-hours referral to Trust OCTs.

On 2 January 2024, NI Direct Coronavirus (COVID-19): testing and stay at home advice webpage will be updated with the new website link for reporting a positive lateral flow test result for those eligible for COVID-19 treatments. 

Those who are not able to report their test result online are advised to contact their GP or GP Out of Hours who can contact the Trust on their behalf. NI Direct Treatment for Coronavirus (COVID-19) webpage will be updated and will continue to be the patient-facing source of information on Treatments for COVID-19, including who can access COVID-19 treatments and how to get a COVID-19 treatment, with links to the updated testing information.

Please continue to signpost patients under your care, including any newly diagnosed patients, who may be eligible for COVID-19 treatments, to this website for information. 

All clinical staff need to make themselves aware of the eligibility criteria for COVID-19 treatments and remind all eligible patients who are newly diagnosed or being reviewed, of the need to test when symptomatic and report any positive results.

NICE Technology appraisal guidance ‘Casirivimab plus imdevimab, nirmatrelvir

plus ritonavir, sotrovimab and tocilizumab for treating COVID-19’ [TA878]

NICE’s rapid guideline on managing COVID-19 (NG191) for medicines licensed, and currently used,

in the management of COVID-19 for which NICE MTA recommendations have not yet been published.