Message from Chief Nursing Officer


Dear Colleagues,


As Chief Nursing Officer, I am keen to offer a digital space where I can share information relating to COVID-19 with everyone working in nursing and midwifery, in a timely and user friendly way.


The purpose of the professional digital communication platform is to host, in one place, web-links to information essential to keep Nurses, Midwives, Nursing Assistants, Maternity Support Workers, Nursing and Midwifery Students up-to- date during this COVID-19 response. This platform is designed to complement all the other updates provided by employers, professional bodies, professional regulator and unions.


The digital platform will be hosted on NIPEC’s main website and will be refreshed on a weekly basis, 1.00pm every Thursday.


Over the pandemic emergency response period I recognise that good communication is critical, I hope you find the digital platform useful for both sharing and gaining information. Please share widely.


Thank you as always for your ongoing support.


Kind regards,