Examples of pharyngeal / mouth images with diagnosis

Ear, Nose and Throat Resources

 BHSCT Ear Nose & Throat Advice & Guidance 

Sinus and Nose Guidance This Guidance covers history, examination, management and referral for: – allergic rhinitis -recurrent epistaxis – snoring – acute & chronic rhinosinusitis ​ BHSCT ENT Guidance -...

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Tinnitus Support service

Tinnitus Support Service Tinnitus Support service provides:   • confidential, one-to-one support • information on tinnitus causes • tips for dealing with stress and anxiety related to tinnitus • tinnitus management strategies •...

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GPNI Webinar – Vertigo

We are delighted to be joined by the BHSCT ENT team to present a GPNI Clinical Update on the frequently problematic presentation of vertigo in the primary care setting. Extra Video Resources: – https://vimeo.com/543483296...

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Upcoming GPNI ENT Webinars

  •  14th April 2021: Update on ENT services during COVID 19 from Mr Smith (ENT Consultant) Belfast Trust