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Maintaining staff safety in general practice

This Document from London LMCs Cover Practical issues including:

Workplace Risk Assessment and Reduction

• Assess cleaning processes

• Review arrival and leaving processes

• Building assessment to maintain two metre social distancing where possible.

• Workstations (including reception desks) assessment

• Meeting review

Risk factors that can be used to evaluate the residual risk of Covid-19 transmission through work activities
SOM (Supporting Occupation Health and Wellbeing professionals) has considered how to assess the
workplace and for each area the assessment should consider if the risk can be;
o Eliminated eg. Homeworking.
o Substituted eg. mechanise work process.
o Controlled by “engineering” eg. individual workspaces and two metre social distancing of
work colleagues, installing a screen between reception and the waiting room area.
o Controlled by “administration” eg. social distancing compliance supervisor, online/remote

Workforce Risk Assessment
The Faculty of Occupational Medicine has produced guidance which advises to consider the following
factors when assessing individual risk:
o Age
o Sex
o Underlying health conditions
o Ethnicity
o Pregnancy