The guidance for HSC workers who use fitted PPE equipment while in a work environment, is to download and use the app as normal, but disable Bluetooth temporarily in environments where they are protected through PPE or other mitigations like full length Perspex screens. Bluetooth capabilities should be switched on again, once they have left these environments.
We recognise that there will be a number of different scenarios to consider and are happy to provide technical support for development of sector specific guidance. Please submit questions to
However to maximise the protection provided it is important that the proximity app (and Bluetooth functionality) is enabled in areas such as communal dining areas. We are working with the Health and Safety Executive to provide appropriate workplace signage to prompt these behaviours.
Text alert process once a positive test has been identified.
For tests processed using HSC Labs the BSO has automated the sending of results via SMS when there is a registered mobile contact number on the GP registration system (used to populate demographics in ECR). All positive test results get a contact tracing call from contact tracing staff. As a ‘safety net’ on that call, a question is asked about app usage and input of a test authorisation code. If one has not been received, the contact tracer can generate transmission of a code (having confirmed the correct mobile number) to the app user to enable that.

STOPCOVID NI Proximity App

 Digital Contact Tracing Smartphone App