Young Minds Professionals is our toolbox of consultancy and training services for leaders and frontline workers across the children’s mental health system. We apply our professional experience, together with participation and a whole-systems approach – to drive improvement across young people’s mental health and help you achieve the best possible outcomes for children and their families who need mental health support.

Examples of programmes include Addressing Adversity – promoting trauma informed practice that helps professionals to support children and young people who have experienced distressing or disturbing events. No Harm Done – explore toolkits, videos and guides to getting through self-harm and coming out the other side. HeadMeds – link to HeadMeds website – information on mental health medication and mental health all in one place. To give young people straightforward and reliable information about mental health medication from a trustworthy source. MindEd – find free, relevant, practical information about a range of mental health issues in children and young people.

Link: YoungMinds Professionals