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Parenting NI provides free support for parents across Northern Ireland. Parenting NI Freephone Helpline and other regional services, initially delivered by trained staff, has helped thousands of parents, grandparents and others in a parenting role for over 4 decades.  Parenting NI is committed to supporting all parents and ensuring that their voices are heard whenever decisions are made that will affect them.  Parenting NI have a range of parenting programmes available to meet the diverse needs of parents. All programmes and workshops have a proven track record with parents reporting enhanced confidence and improved parenting ability upon completion. Supporting resources are provided which further develop learning and understanding.

Family Resources – The aim of the project is to support children aged 5-12 years who are experiencing emotional health and wellbeing difficulties. 

Employee wellbeing – Looking after employee wellbeing, particularly of parent employees reaps benefits for employers. Growing research demonstrates the importance of parent employee’s health and wellbeing in relation to work performance and effectiveness.

Workplace access to parenting support leads to reduced work-family and family-work spill over and improved worker morale and performance.


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