Macmillan have  shared the resources below ‘Courageous Conversations resources tailored to COVID-19’ together with information on: useful words and phrases; key learning points from these scenarios and evidence based advice for difficult conversations.These recordings are vehicles for learning and should not be interpreted as examples of perfect consultations but to demonstrate useful strategies, words, and phrases. They may also contain potentially upsetting scenes.

Hospital admission is still an option but needs to be considered on a case by case basis.

We know that GPs and other health professionals will be entering into discussions around end of life care with patients and families which will have been made more complex and distressing by the current situation. These new resources consist of recordings designed to replicate telephone and Skype calls and illustrate the following scenarios:

    • Scenario 1: Older patient with co-morbidities but currently well, GP calls phones to discuss advance care planning
    • Scenario 2: Patient at home with multiple co-morbidities, elderly and COVID symptoms, in Skype conversation with GP
    • Scenario 3: Daughter of a patient in a care home phones her mother’s GP on learning that her mother has COVID-19
    • Scenario 4: Follow up phone call from GP to patient with advanced bowel cancer and liver metastases

Kathryn Mannix’s BBC video ‘Dying is not as bad as you think’