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Addiction Treatment and Prevention services, South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust

Sonya Johnston

Acting Addiction Services Manager, South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust

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Alcohol and cannabis tools for primary care

Regional contacts for all alcohol and drug services

Drugs & Alcohol NI

Screening tools and brief intervention

Alcohol MOT screening tool for alcohol


MOT – Part 1

MOT Part 2


CUDIT for cannabis

2010_CUDIT-R-revised-with-scoring-EN (1)

To increase motivation

Encourage them to watch the you tube clip alcohol drugs and change

Alcohol and Mental Health Brief Advice tools

Alcohol Brief Advice Tools covering Maternity, Parenting, Mental health, The General Public and Hospital and the Emergency Department. They can be used to help link a person’s drinking to concerns and increase motivation.



Self help

Alcohol and You workbook https://drugsandalcoholni.info/self-help-resources/

Alcohol and You Self Help and website https://www.alcoholandyouni.com/

Cannabis and You Workbook https://drugsandalcoholni.info/self-help-resources/

Cannabis and You on line self Help: www.cannabisandyou.ie

For Family members

Taking the Lid Off

For Young people: information and self help https://stepstocope.co.uk/

Pocket Guide for Family Members affected by someone’s drinking, drug use or gambling: A short you tube clip with a link to the booklet

Fact Sheets and Health Information

Fact Sheets: Health information about alcohol – Downloadable factsheets to aid the conversation about the harmful effects of alcohol. They include factsheets on Alcohol Related Brain Disorders, The Liver, Cancer, Alcohol and Drugs in the Brain, Alcohol Dependence: www.alcoholandyouni.com/fact-sheets/

Other tools

For people who have relapsed A You Tube Clip on Coming back from a relapse

Stress and worry: A You Tube Clip Dealing with worry The worry clip has small pocket guides that people can download from the You Tube site.

Stress, Trauma & Your Brain: Stress, Trauma & Your Brain explores basic brain functioning and its impact from excessive stress and trauma. The second fact sheet Ideas for healing are consistent with the strategies for building resilience : www.alcoholandyouni.com/fact-sheets/

For Practitioners

Motivational Interviewing

Motivational Interviewing (MI) gives workers a learnable, evidence-based approach to the conversations with their clients about change. While training and practice with feedback is the best way to build competence in motivational interviewing, two tools are presented here that will help introduce MI as a way of working.

o What would an MI session involve: a one page pictorial overview

o The pocket Guide to Motivational Interviewing

Pocket Guide to Brief Intervention and Behaviour Change

Under review and to be added

Using Information with clients Giving advice and using written information is commonplace in working with people. ‘Make the Most of It‘, is a guide for practitioners on effective advice giving. ‘Make the most of it’ PDF

The online BMJ Module Motivational interviewing

http://learning.bmj.com/learning/module-intro/motivational- interviewing.html?moduleId=10051582

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