Sinus and Nose Guidance

This Guidance covers history, examination, management and referral for:
– allergic rhinitis
-recurrent epistaxis
– snoring
– acute & chronic rhinosinusitis

Ear Perforation

This guidance covers history, examination, management and referral advice for Traumatic and Non-Traumatic ear perforation

Tinnitus Advice

This guidance gives advice on the treatment and management of tinnitus including categorisation and appropriate referral destinations.



This guidance covers the aetiology, history and treatment of hoarseness including highlighting of Red Flags and routes for onward referral.


Throat and Neck Lumps Advice

This guidance covers referral criterion and guidance including red flags for:
– Recurrent Tonsillitis
– Thyroid Swelling
– Neck Lumps
– Submandibular / Parotid Swelling