Children’s ABCS is a service-facing service, which means we provide an advisory and consultative focus for professionals and services that are supporting children and young people(and their families) after an ABI. Children’s ABCS provides support via:

• Information development and provision

• Delivery of training regarding ABI

• Consultations regarding children presenting with ABI-related difficulties (eg. poor attention, difficulties with organisation, mental health difficulties) which may involve:

– Making recommendations on evidence based treatment approaches

– Advising on educational planning

– Signposting on to other relevant services (eg. in the voluntary sector).

Children’s ABCS does not currently provide direct child assessments or carer support and can only offer support to services working with the child and their carers.

Children’s ABCS works in partnership to provide support, advice or consultation to any service supporting a child with an ABI in Northern Ireland. This includes support to universal and specialist services within the health and social care, education and voluntary sectors, including all children up to age 19 who are in receipt of children’s services.

We are also engaged in evaluating improvements in the provision of services to children and families post-ABI and have contributed to national elearning resources see:

CABCS Leaflet

CABCS Referral Form (March 2021)